Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chemical Dependency Treatment affordable?

At the Recovery Council of Southeast Texas, YES !!!!
The cost for 30 days of Intensive Residential Treatment is very affordable, significantly less than the deductible/co-pay, for treatment at many hospital programs , which will exceed $ 1000.00 per day.

How do I get help, for my alcohol/drug problem?

Call us @ 409-840-9350 or 840-2001 or 842-2408

How do I get help for a friend or loved one?

Call us @ 409-840-9350 or 840-2001 or 842-2408

Can I get my friend/loved one locked up in a treatment program?

There are no "locked-down" substance abuse treatment facilities, in our area.

"I am a "social-drug user" .... do I have a problem?

There is no such category as a "social drug user".
This is a "smoke-screen" used by alcohol/drug abusers in efforts of minimizing the depths of their "relationship" with mood-altering chemicals.
Illicit drug use is defined by anti-social behavior.

I can "control" my alcohol/drug-use .... do I have a problem"?

Generally, the need to "control" intake of mood-altering chemicals, is the result of some experiences, where we were "out of control".
Social drinkers are never compelled to ask these types of questions.

What is chemical dependency?

Chemical Dependency is a progressive and pervasive disease that is often fatal, if untreated, and characterized by progressive patterns of de-compensation, as well as a tendency to relapse, very similar to diabetes. These diseases respond well, through treatment.